Conjunctivitis-What you need to know about pink eye disease?

Conjunctivitis- is an eye inflammation disease. In this disease Conjunctiva becomes inflamed. It is a thin transparent layer that lines the inner eyelid and covers the eye's white part.

- Allergic conjunctivitis - Infectious conjunctivitis - Chemical conjunctivitis

Types of conjunctivitis

1. Clear watery discharge 2. Eye redness 3. Itching 4. Sometimes yellow or green discharge (bacterial conjunctivitis) 5. Red and swollen eyes

Symptoms of conjunctivitis

How to Prevent it?

Don’t touch your eyes with dirty hands

How to Prevent it?

Frequent hand washing can protect you from contacting conjunctivitis

How to Prevent it?

Do not share towel and wash clothes with other people Don’t share eye cosmetics with other people

If you feel you are suffering from the Conjunctivitis symptoms contact your doctor immediately